Come visit TRTO at ODINCON

The largest esport event in Scandinavia

Stay tuned for more info in the weeks to come or follow the event ODINCON

Follow this link for the ODINCON esport event

TRTO activities at ODINCON

At ODINCON you can experience Odense’s IT and Robotic industry first-hand. TRTO will exhibit the newest robotic and technology trends, open for everyone to try and play with. Join our different matchmaking events, recruitment sessions, hackathons, play different eSport games, participate in competitions and indulge in delicious food all in one place.

O'town garage are present all weekend

Nerdy Girls Workshops:
This group initially started when Nina Popovic and Clionadh Martin were running workshops to give people that are not in the robotics world a taste of what robots is about. During these workshops we found that the majority of these people were women, and we feel that the reason for this is that we were two women running the workshops. We run Nerdy Girls workshops every week at The O’Town and we will also be holding some workshops both on the 7th & 8th of December at the TRTO / Odincon / ESL Season 10 Finals CS:GO. The workshops consist of using an Arduino, some sensors and actuators to make fun projects. Check below at what some of our Nerdy Girls think and look at some videos of project we have already built.

Line Following Robot Competition:
A line following robot, is a little mobile robot that uses light sensors to follow a line. This competition will give people a chance to test their skills in programming and building electronics hobby projects. The competition is open to all skill levels and prizes will represent this.

Competitive programming:
Competitive programming is a mind sport that is quite popular in the programming world. It tests your problem solving and programming skills. On the 8th of December we want to give people a feel for what this is and how to get into it. We will have friendly competition sessions focused on different levels of skills and experience.

Børnene i robotbyen - The cildren of the robot city

Will be present to show you the new strategy for becoming the world's best robot city, this implies education for childrent through a number of new exciting initiatives, visit TRTO for more information.

The Odense city libraries

Come and see our old-school analogue gaming lounge.

International Community Odense

Will be hosting the International Meetup and the Line Following competition in collaboration with O'Town Garage.

December 7th from 12:30 - 19:00 - with Technology Denmark

The great people from Technology Denmark has arranged tha selected female IT students from the different universities all around Denmark stops by for a case competition.