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The Road To Odense gives you an overview of the many new career possibilities within tech. Here you can explore the many new job postings, the educational opportunities and the wonderful city of Odense. The City of Odense has many exciting opportunities both professionally and personally, whether you are into campus activities, old movies, green parks, startup activities or something else, Odense always has something to offer, your exploring starts here.

What is TRTO?

The tech industry in Odense, Denmark’s third largest city, is booming and the workforce is expected to grow in the future. As the industry develops at a rapid pace, so too does the demand for qualified talent. There is a high concentration of robot and automation companies in and around Odense, and the IT industry is gaining ground within AI and AR. This is why there is an increasing demand for a diverse talent pool to support the growth. The industry is looking for people with university or college degrees as well as people with vocational educations.

What else?

Besides the many career opportunities, the number of students studying either IT, software engineering or robotics at the University of Southern Denmark’s keeps increasing. Soon the university will also be able to offer a brand-new robotics facility, which will make the university an even more attractive environment for you to start your academic career.

Why esports?

The Road To Odense was created to easily connect tech talent and esport enthusiasts with the robot, automation and IT industry. The match between esport and the search for qualified talent in the industry have many synergies and the aim is to support company access to new workforce. The Road To Odense is powered by Odense Robotics and Technology Denmark in collaboration with the City of Odense.

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