More than you expect

The Culture of Odense? We are a city with a beat. Music, startup culture and art are all part of our DNA, together with our unique study environment and focus on technology. Read along here and get inspired.

Activity & Events –

You probably ask, what’s going on in Odense? At any time, we would say, a lot! Odense is a city of engineers, researches, technologists, do’ers and creators. We’re all part of a vibrant city with a lot of events taking place. For instance we are the home of one of Denmark’s fastest growing music festivals, The Tinderbox Festival. 3 days. Visited by more than 40.000 people. Have a look below here for more examples of events you can expect from Odense.


3 days of music festival enjoyed by 40,000 people. Rammstein, Major Lazer, Calvin Harris, Travis Scott, Volbeat, Mø and Lukas Graham are some of the artists who have been on stage.


A global 3-on-3 basketball tournament and free interactive fan experience.


Or Odense International Film Festival, is Denmark’s international short film festival, and with its launch in 1975, it is also the country’s oldest film festival. OFF celebrates the short film genre without compromise.

HCA Festivals

An annual event in Odense, where the city turns into a broad bouquet of more than 500 cultural experiences and celebrations deriving from the universe of Hans Christian Andersen.

Odense Food Festival

celebrating the Funen and Danish food and meal culture, bringing people together across ages, ethnicity and education. Odense is also a liveable city outside the festival periods. You can always go to a concert, in a theatre, at a museum or enjoy life in one of the many good restaurants, wine bars or cafés.


A three day floating party - with a new festival spot every day. During Karrusel, the club atmosphere is taken out on the streets and into the parks.

– A proud city. Of cyclists.

The Danes love their bicycles. And Odense is no exception. Take a look at the centre of the city or outside the University of Southern Denmark – or at the entrance to the Tinderbox Festival. What you will see is bicycles parked all over the place. If you want to get around in the city the fastest and easiest way is by bicycle.

Odense is located on Funen. Funen is an island. An island has a lot of beach.

From Odense it’s easy to get to a beach - half an hour and you have sand under your feet. It’s easy to get around in Denmark from the train station.

And it’s easy to fly out in the world – from the local airport you can get to Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Scotland and Ireland. And you only have one hour to Billund, 1½ hour to Copenhagen and 3 hours to Hamburg if you want to go somewhere else. But why do you want to leave Odense? A lot of good restaurants, a lot of cultural activities and great educations might keep you in the centre of Denmark.

The Startup Culture

Odense also has an excellent environment fostering knowledge and research in robots, integration and automation. We have the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute (MMMI) at the University of Southern Denmark, two national clusters – RoboCluster and Welfare Tech and Health Tech – and Danish Technological Institute’s Center for Robotic Technology. This environment also facilitates and guides small businesses and start-ups.

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